Chemical Peels

Powerlactic Acid 70% (Medium to Deep Strength)

Powerlactic Acid 70% (Medium to Deep Strength)

Powerlactic Acid is a non-irritating rapid exfoliator. That means that Lactic Peels works fast to slough off dead skin cells and Lactic can be more suited to those who prefer a gentler peel or for more sensitive skin types. Lactic Acid is a thorough exfoliator, removing the outer layers of thickened or damaged skin leaving a smoother and healthier appearance. Lactic Acid can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, increasing the rate of dead cell shedding, new skin cell production and collagen formation. With prolonged use, Lactic Acid has been found to be beneficial in improving dry skin, treating age spots, improving oily and acne prone skin and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

  Strength :  Medium
  pH :  2
  Leave on Time   :  3 - 4 minute
  Peels Interval :  12 to 15 days
  Indication :  Melasma, Aging, Dry / Rough skin
Direction to Use :
Apply the solution starting with your forehead then moving downward (or onto the other areas you wish to exfoliate). Your face should take about 20-30 seconds.

First Application :
After applying the acid, leave it solutions on area as mention in "leave on time".

Subsequent Applications :
From 2nd application onwards increase leave on time by additional ½ to 1 minute. Use your discretion. We recommend leaving the acid on for no more than 5-6 minutes total including the application time.